How do I start the process of counseling?

Simply click Get Started.

Are the counselors state-licensed?

Our biblical counselors work under the umbrella of pastoral counseling as opposed to state licensed counseling, and are not under the regulatory authority of any government agency. Also, when the term counselor is mentioned above, it does not refer to a psychiatric or psychological state licensed professional, legal, or clinical medical advice provider. The advice given is based on how to think rationally and clearly from a Christian biblical perspective.

What is the cost for counseling?

CLM is a pledge-based ministry, meaning you decide what you can contribute toward your counseling. We do not have a set fee because we do not want finances to be the reason you do not seek biblical counseling. Pledging $120 per counseling hour would cover all expenses to run as a ministry, however, because not all clients can afford this amount we ask you to pledge an amount appropriate for you. The amount of money you pledge goes directly to the counselor spending time with you.

*The cost of any assigned material such as books or CD’s will be in addition to your pledge and yours to keep.

Full Payment Policy

Is the cost of counseling tax-deductible?

The first $50 contributed as a pledge to a counselor goes toward the “service” of counseling. Any amount contributed over $50.00 per 1-hour session is considered a tax-deductible donation.

(Example: If you pledge $75/session, $50 would go toward the service of counseling. The remaining $25 would be considered a tax-deductible donation)

What form of payments do you take?

Contributions may be made via cash, check, debit or credit at the time of your counseling or invoiced monthly.

What if I can’t afford counseling?

If you cannot afford to contribute, please talk to your counselor. We are happy to work with you.

Does my insurance cover this type of counseling?

Most insurance companies need the counseling entity to be state licensed in order to cover the cost of counseling. However, Christian Life Ministries falls under the umbrella of pastoral counseling as opposed to state-licensed counseling - making it a non-reimbursable form of counseling. It’s up to the client to look into their insurance company to see if they are willing to cover the amount pledged.

How long are counseling sessions and how often do you meet?

Counseling sessions are typically 1 hour. However, they can range from 1 - 4 hours depending on how far you are coming from. Sessions are scheduled weekly or biweekly, depending on the plan made between the counselor and client during the first counseling session. If circumstances allow, another option is to schedule a block-intensive morning or afternoon with a counselor.

Will my conversation with the counselor be confidential?

All information is kept in strict confidence - with a few exceptions. For details, please read Release of Liability & Confidentiality.

Can I bring my kids to my counseling session?

We ask you make arrangements for the care of your young children during appointments. The counselors prefer that children NOT be present during the counseling session in order to free you from distraction. Older children who do not require supervision are welcome to wait in our front seating area.

Do you offer counseling for kids?

For kids between the ages of 8-15 we have an Adolescent Intake Form. We ask that your child fill it out to the best of their ability (with the parent’s help if needed). However, we require that parents be equally involved in counseling with their child. The goal is to partner with you in exposing spiritual truths to your child, as well as to equip you with tools to use when returning home to day-to-day life outside the counseling room.