CLM provides Biblical Counseling and Training.

  1. Bible-based counseling is provided for individuals, couples, and families who are currently experiencing difficulties and recognize a need for change.
  2. Our training courses use the pure source of scripture to equip Christ-followers with an accurate view of God, our identity in Jesus, and how to minister to others.

We have been blessed to serve the Black Hills area since 1981. We have 13 Staff members with over 250 years of combined ministry experience.

  • We apply the Word of God to life’s pains and questions.
  • Our counseling model is a blend of cognitive and spiritual therapy.
  • We seek to engage the mind in thought and beliefs in order to produce lasting changes in attitude and behavior.

*Our Biblical counselors work under the umbrella of pastoral counseling as opposed to state licensed counseling, and are not under the regulatory authority of any government agency. Also, when the term counselor is mentioned above, it does not refer to a psychiatric or psychological state licensed professional, legal, or clinical medical advice provider. The advice given is based on how to think rationally and clearly from a Christian Biblical perspective.


CLM is a 501c3 non-profit ministry.