"Your time, support, and prayers have made such a difference in our marriage. There’s a comfortable peace and freedom in our home that’s never been there before."

“My addiction to self-harm is miles away. My self confidence and self image are restored. And there is nothing hidden in the dark anymore.”

“My expectation for coming was to help me stay mentally healthy for the long run of my job. I knew nothing about blocked goals or strongholds. The resources given to address these issues were met without me even knowing.”

"I previously counseled with CLM in the 1990’s so when I was unable to overcome recent disappointment and depression, I knew where I could find help. I am privileged to be counseling with Linda, who helped me to identify anger toward God that needed to be dealt with and unforgiveness toward myself for failures and character defects.  When I came to my first counseling session, I was feeling very isolated from God and consumed with self-loathing.  I shared my circumstance and pain with Linda and she provided the teaching and tools I needed to begin renewing my mind.  Growing in Christ is a God-empowered process and as I give Him the control, He is building my faith daily with victories over independence and self-sufficiency.  Shame and isolation have fallen away and joy has returned as I find my identity in Christ, not in the image I want to present to others. I am ever thankful for the ministry of CLM and Godly, discerning counselors who sow Truth where there once was deceit!"

"Level 1 Training: I have grown spiritually beyond words. I cannot wait to be used by Him while applying these teachings. The most meaningful part of the class was settled identity, forgiveness and God’s will. I feel like my walk is in a much better place. Thank you for your hearts and willingness to teach this course. You have touched my life more than I can express. I cannot wait for the next course!"

"Today marks our 10th Anniversary. How could a decade go by so fast? We have escaped to St. Lucia to celebrate our anniversary and spend quality time reflecting on the past 10 years. We wanted to thank you once again for providing such a solid foundation for our marriage to begin on. We are truly grateful for the role you have had – whether you realize it or not – in our success. We are proud of our progress as a couple and the life we have built so far. We feel very blessed and pray we make it another 10 years, then another 10 years after that, and so on! Words you shared with us during our counseling are with us always – especially taking the time to thank one another for being “my perfect gift from God.” We say those words to each other often and it always reconnects us! Thank you once again for your role in launching our marriage!"

"Hello, I'm not sure you remember us but many years ago we came in to visit you at Christian Life Ministries. And after much of the teaching about who we are as true believers we have seen how it affected our relationship when we left the office. You may have wondered what happened to us. We left there encouraged and a lot of things to think about and began to examine these truths. Just the other day, after many years, we were praising God for our marriage and our relationship and remembered how God had used Christian Life Ministries to affect our lives. Throughout these many years we've had the opportunity to teach these truths to others as well in a more profound way because we have learned how to experience them ourselves. We are so grateful for Christian Life Ministries allowing God to live through your counselors and help change marriages. We are forever thankful. 

The fruit doesn't stop here, we have had the opportunity to share these with our children and watch their marriages reflect what we came to believe.  

Thank you brother and sister in Christ."

"Level 1 Training: I was selfish in taking this class for myself personally coming out of a recent divorce. However, the things I have learned I have been able to share with others as well as for application to me. I felt each instructor was speaking directly to me through the Holy Spirit. I received some “sneak preview” in the training from receiving counseling earlier this year. It was great to receive more in depth instruction on those subjects. Anger had been an issue with me that was brought out during counseling and training. It helped me realize offended, hurt, broken expectations all result in anger and the importance of FORGIVENESS! 100%

It was clear why I was in this class when I was. It was not an accident. God’s timing is perfect.

Thank you CLM"

"8 years ago you helped me immensely when we lost our sweet son. I cried more tears in your office than anywhere else! Thank you for listening to me with an immeasurable amount of kindness and grace. My faith has never been stronger and you were/are a big part of that."

"January 2015 found me in a very deep abyss.  I had been spiraling downward for some time.  I knew it, felt it, but believed I was powerless to climb out.  It got so bad that I was ready to commit suicide.  It was the only "fix" I could come up with.  Everything anyone in my life did-was done to me-against me-all I could see was negative, hurtful actions by all around me.  After all, that's what I was---worthless!

Because I was so afraid of what I might do to myself, I reached out to a close relative.  We both knew I needed some counseling but where to start?  I had no money, was working two jobs so surely I had no time, etc.  While we were working on some type of possible in-patient facility a dear friend told me about Christian Life Ministries.

That was the beginning of my healing, my reaching out of the abyss.  The counselor was patient, kind, and started guiding me out of the abyss.  She did not lift me out but helped me build the staircase.  Her guidance helped me navigate my way up the staircase as I slowly climbed out of the dark, horrible, suffocating abyss.  This process has given me tools to handle this life and actually want to live it. I know I have used the word "abyss" a lot but it is hard to think of another word that so totally encompasses how awful I felt.  And, helps reinforce my journey-the climb back to living.  Without Christian Life Ministries I am not sure what would have happened.  

I feel confident that the abyss is now closed, hopefully for good.  But I know that if I ever find myself hurting and losing my way my first call will be to Christian Life Ministries.  They worked with me on payment and scheduling.  The entire staff is there to help and you can really feel it.  I am so thankful to God that they are here and helping people like myself live in this world through His word.

Thank you Christian Life Ministries for bringing me back to God and giving me tools to continue on with this life."