One-Time Gift or Start a Monthly Contribution


Download and fill out the Automatic Bank Draft Form. Return it along with a voided blank check to Christian Life Ministries at PO BOX 9272 Rapid City, SD 57709

How is CLM supported?


The General Fund for all operating expenses is funded each year by a  combination of one-time gift/monthly donations from individuals like you, church partnerships, an annual fundraiser, counselor contributions, and training courses/materials.


How are the counselor's funded?

1. Support Teams - Each counselor is responsible for raising individual support (much like a missionary would), and this is the primary source of income for each counselor.

2. Counseling Pledges - The secondary income source comes from pledges from clients. Since the policy of CLM is to have no set fee for counseling but operate on a donation basis, this source of income can fluctuate greatly. Because of this factor each counselor's support base is crucial.