Training Courses are intended to equip the body of Christ to better meet the needs of hurting Christians. The audience for this material ranges from those in full-time ministry to individuals desiring discipleship and a skill set to counsel those around them.


Onsite Training: Level 1 (Fall) and level 2 (spring) are offered every year at CLM. Classes are every Tuesday night from 6:30-8:30pm for 13 weeks. The cost is $250 and includes the lecture notes and all resources (books, cd's and handouts). Call (605) 341-5305 for more information or to Sign-up for a course.


Offsite Training: unable to attend one of our courses in Rapid City? Online trainings are available below. $200 pays for the video lectures and notes for each topic.


Level 1

Foundations of Biblical Counseling

13 Session Online Course - $200/person

  1. Mind Influences

  2. Understanding Behavior

  3. What The Law Could Never Do

  4. Design of Man

  5. Settled Identity

  6. Freedom in Grace

  7. Renewing the Mind

  8. Abba Father / Absent Father

  9. Character of God

  10. Obedience Springing Forth

  11. Anger & Forgiveness

  12. Breaking Bondage

  13. God's Will

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Level 2

Practical Application of Biblical Counseling

13 Session Online Course - $200/person

  1. Relational Idolatry

  2. Marriage Foundation

  3. Roles in Marriage

  4. Intimacy & Communication

  5. Parenting

  6. Divorce & Separation

  7. Finances

  8. Fear & Anxiety

  9. Depression

  10. Grief-Death-Suicide

  11. Rejection & Rebellion

  12. Sexual Integrity

  13. Situational Addictions


Church Small Group Pricing: $200 + $10/person

Call (605) 341-5305  with any questions!

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What are people saying after taking the courses?

"I have grown spiritually beyond words. I cannot wait to be used by Him while applying these teachings. The most meaningful part of the class was settled identity, forgiveness and God’s will. I feel like my walk is in a much better place. Thank you for your hearts and willingness to teach this course. You have touched my life more than I can express. I cannot wait for the next course!"

"I recently had the privilege of participating in Christian Life Ministries Level 1 and 2 Lay Classes. This proved to be a wise investment in both time and money. The wisdom they imparted to me will impact me for the rest of my life. I will be spending time pouring over the wealth of resources they provided for years to come. But if someone asked me what stood out the most to me from my time in the Lay classes, I would have to say it's the staff. Beyond any resource they could ever provide or any wisdom they could ever impart, these wonderful people have something precious to offer others. They get the big picture. They understand how hurting people in an imperfect world need the love and grace of God. Christian Life Ministries is a place where pain finds sweet relief, where loneliness meets understanding, and where many are set free from the shame and guilt of a life riddled with struggles. It is a place where faith works."

"I was selfish in taking this class for myself personally coming out of a recent divorce. However, the things I have learned I have been able to share with others as well as for application to me. I felt each instructor was speaking directly to me through the Holy Spirit. I received some “sneak preview” in the training from receiving counseling earlier this year. It was great to receive more in depth instruction on those subjects. Anger had been an issue with me that was brought out during counseling and training. It helped me realize offended, hurt, broken expectations all result in anger and the importance of FORGIVENESS! 100% It was clear why I was in this class when I was. It was not an accident. God’s timing is perfect. Thank you CLM"